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DataMentors offers innovative solutions designed to address Data Quality and Integration, Database Marketing and Business Intelligence. YOUR data is OUR priority.  We do not use Cloud Computing - your data is secure within our facility.

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Use our products and solutions to increase business process efficiency, improve customer acquisition and customer loyalty, discover new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, better manage ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and improve profitability and productivity.

       DataFuse Data Quality, Cleansing and Integration
  PinPoint Database Marketing and Analytics
NetEffect Real-time Transactional Data Cleansing and Matching
Social Media Marketing Social Media Database Marketing
DataPoint Low Cost Data Solutions for SMBs
Data Enhancements Business and Consumer Demographic Data
DataDrive Drive Time Analysis
Financial Behavior Models   
Behavioral Segmentation for Financial Services Marketing
DMConsulting Implementation, Support and Custom Programming


Data Cleansing and Integration
DataMentors' award-winning data quality and integration solution, DataFuse, ensures that your customer information remains accurate and current to effectively drive all business decisions and processes.

DataFuse integrates data from disparate sources, providing one unified view. Multiple processing options include full batch, incremental batch, and real time.

Matching and Householding
Unlimited match keys let you explore data with multiple views in multiple ways. With the DataFuse flexibility, create any key: Household, Super Household, Account, Corporation, or Individual.

Accurate and Dependable
DataMentors provides you with complete support during any DataFuse implementation or production process.

Further explore DataFuse, our Data Quality and Integration solution.

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Database Marketing and AnalysisPinPoint is a comprehensive marketing analytics and customer profiling solution that allows you to clearly understand your customers' needs and buying habits. Through data mining and visualization, PinPoint provides you with the knowledge to make proactive, knowledge-driven decisions.

PinPoint gives full analytical access to create queries (filters), derived fields (including aggregates), and reports (including graphs, charts and mapping output.) Users can identify and learn more about their customers to support marketing decisions through intuitive, fast descriptive and predictive analysis.

PinPoint provides a fully integrated CHAID, decision-tree based data mining module for predictive insight into your customer. Create propensity to buy and churn models to both increase and maintain your current customer base.

Information is graphically presented in multiple ways such as multi-dimensional cross tabs, Venn diagrams, automated Excel interface reports, bar graphs, maps, and more. This allows exploration of groups that intersect, having one or multiple criteria in common.

Campaign Management Module
Pinpoint's campaign management tool provides enterprise-wide campaign planning, scheduling, execution, and marketing automation for improved marketing.

Further explore PinPoint, our Data Mining, Analysis and Database Marketing solution.

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Real-time Data CleansingNetEffect is a Transactional Cleansing and Matching service. This technology enables businesses of any size or type to instantly identify a customer opportunity or security risk.

Extremely Flexible
NetEffect is an extremely flexible and robust API (Application Programming Interface), which can interface with a broad spectrum of other applications.

It Thinks like a Brain
NetEffect functions in a manner very similar to how a human brain processes information.  With an extremely high level of accuracy, NetEffect is able to deduce a solution with any information it is provided, even if this data is only a name and address.

Cleanse, Match and Update in the Blink of an Eye
NetEffect will simultaneously cleanse, match and update a company’s database in real-time at the single record or batch level. With an ever-increasing demand for immediate availability of up-to-date information, it’s this functionality that makes NetEffect unique and valuable to a company’s growth strategy.

Further explore NetEffect, our Real-time Data Cleansing solution. 

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Social Media MarketingSocialAppeal is a NEW process to seamlessly manage social content. Our Social Media Solution is one of the first tools in the market that extracts social media sentiment and integrates the intelligence into your marketing database.

What are people saying about you? Who is a customer and who is a prospect?

Discover valuable social intelligence on customer purchase patterns, competitive intelligence, product feedback, and market trends.

Immediate Action
Email triggers will notify you when immediate action needs to be taken.  Set these triggers based on pre-set sentiment scores you determine.

Further explore SocialAppeal, our Social Media Marketing solution.

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SMB Database MarketingLooking for an enterprise-level data quality solution but don’t want to pay enterprise-level costs? DataPoint is the perfect solution for companies with smaller databases and fewer resources.  Gain the same data quality and marketing analytics benefits as companies with larger databases - for only a fraction of the cost.

Enhance Data Quality
Experience powerful data cleansing with DataMentors’ award-winning proprietary software.  DataPoint cleanses, organizes, standardizes, matches and prepares your data like no other system.

Marketing Analytics
Transform your clean database into highly effective marketing intelligence. Identify potential prospects. Retain existing customers. Customer profiling, target marketing and campaign management have never been easier.

Further explore DataPoint, our SMB Database Marketing and Data Quality solution.

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Marketing Data Lists
DataMentors offers full business and consumer demographic data, prospect information, and financial behavior metrics to our existing customers.  Develop a 360-degree view of your customer and increase customer acquisition, improve customer loyalty and relationships, identify new prospects, and enhance marketing intelligence.

Constant ID - DataLink
DataLink assigns a constant unique ID number to each consumer record and remains consistent through all processing updates.  DataLink provides unique benefits for marketing purposes, enabling users to quickly suppress customer names from prospecting campaigns.

Further explore our Marketing Data Lists and Enhancements offering to identify new customers and enhance your existing customer relationships.

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Drive Time Analysis
DataDrive identifies drive time from point A to point B based on actual drive time (minutes) versus radius (miles).  It also takes into consideration factors such as urban and rural areas, speed limits, and construction zones.

Most drive time calculators on the market today are limited by speed and the number of locations which can be analyzed at one time. DataDrive offers an innovative alternative, quickly and accurately appending drive times to your ENTIRE customer database.DataDrive’s speed and flexibility allow service-oriented organizations to quickly utilize drive-time insights for decision support planning.

Further explore DataMentors' Drive Time Analysis solution - DataDrive.

financial behavior marketing
Behavior Models for financial services marketing provide objective behavioral intelligence on the current market.  Models are research-driven, providing an objective, 360-degree marketview. 

Applications include: Market sizing and segmentation, Prioritizing and targeting customer acquisition campaigns, Identifying cross-sell opportunities, Identifying loyalty risks, Providing objective models for marketing resource allocation, Improving custom model performance

Further explore Financial Behavior Model Marketing - develop highly-targeted marketing through behavioral segmentation.

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Database Marketing Consulting
We provide marketing and programming support to some of the biggest names in business...maybe even your competition.

Want More From Marketing?
Are you getting the most from your current marketing database? A Needs Analysis by DataMentors solves data problems before they start. Verify database structures and fields before running your system. Validate file conversions before loading a warehouse. Clean bad data before it even enters your system.

Want Better Programming?
Building a new data warehouse? At DataMentors, our expert Programmers and Senior Analysts can design and implement any project, short or long term, to your exact specifications. We fully understand the business of building flexible, state-of-the-art marketing databases that are optimized for follow-up analysis.

Transfer Data Smoothly
Worried about data conversion? It's not a problem for DataMentors. No file is too complex. We're an inexpensive alternative to ETL solutions. We'll convert any file format from your legacy system or an outside provider to a format that's acceptable to your database.

Programmers Who Speak Your Language
We're fluent in C, C++, JAVA, PL/1, and JCL. We support Windows environments.

Further explore our Professional Data Consulting Services.

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DataMentors provides data quality and database marketing solutions. These services are used for a clean, highly granular and accurate 360-degree view of the customer through data validation, transformation, standardization and householding.

Our Data Quality solution integrates data from multiple sources, defines keys which remain constant, sets up and specifies unlimited match rules, identifies who is an individual and what is a business, matches and links data across any number of fields, quickly standardizes names and addresses and generates customized reports. 

Our Database Marketing software is a comprehensive marketing analytics and customer profiling solution that allows you to clearly understand your customers' needs and buying habits. Through data mining and visualization, PinPoint provides you with the knowledge to make pro-active, knowledge-driven decisions.

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