The Total Database Marketing Solution

DataMentors is a full-service provider of data quality, data management and business intelligence solutions. Our flexible solutions provide valuable data insights to help you increase revenue, maximize customer value, reduce risk, and grow your business.

  • Make smarter decisions with high quality data
  • Increase revenue with real-time marketing offers
  • Analyze data to better understand your customers and prospects
  • Improve your marketing efforts with business and consumer demographic data
  • Improve communications with cost-effective email marketing



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DataMentors provides data quality and database marketing solutions. These services are used for a clean, highly granular and accurate 360-degree view of the customer through data validation, transformation, standardization and householding.

Our Data Quality solution integrates data from multiple sources, defines keys which remain constant, sets up and specifies unlimited match rules, identifies who is an individual and what is a business, matches and links data across any number of fields, quickly standardizes names and addresses and generates customized reports. 

Our Database Marketing software is a comprehensive marketing analytics and customer profiling solution that allows you to clearly understand your customers' needs and buying habits. Through data mining and visualization, PinPoint provides you with the knowledge to make pro-active, knowledge-driven decisions.

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